Update: Our Fibre Backbone & FTTP Plan

As we reach the summer months, the feeder fibre installation by D.S.G Communications nears completion.

Next steps for the project include:

In addition to the backbone installation, a Fibre to the Premise Plan (FTTP) was created, outlining how to connect every island resident/house on Haida Gwaii to distribution fibre. Communities can utilize this plan in individual attempts to secure funding for their residents. The ideal solution will be both cost-effective & equitable - this may look like a mixed or hybrid of FTTP and wireless. 

GwaiiTel will continue to source and leverage funds in the future to improve and maintain our Internet infrastructure. We will continue to examine new technologies and their suitability in this region. 

Thank you/Hawa'a to GwaiiTel partners & contributors who made this project possible:

We begin utilizing the new fibre backbone in July 2016!