Project Update: Increasing Network Investments

It looks like our project will complete under budget! GwaiiTel has taken extra time to determine where to invest this money in the system and ensure approval from our funders. We will be updating more equipment as part of the Connecting Canadian’s fibre project; as a result, the light-up of the fibre has been delayed. 

Where are we at?

  • The total length of fibre is in the ground

  • Preliminary testing is complete

  • Major approvals have been obtained from Ministry of Transport

  • Financial approvals from our funders for alterations to scope

What needs to be done?

  • Final approval & authorization from Ministry of Transport
  • Replace inadequate equipment with new equipment (generators, community cabinets, & electronics)

  • Light up the fibre!

Gathering quotes, reassessing material lists & working with the board to determine where funds would be best spent within the network was a lengthy process. We expected to light up the fibre for residents in mid-July. We are quickly reassembling contractors and obtaining materials, and anticipate the end date to be in October 2016.

Stay tuned for more updates and Hawa'a for your patience!