System upgrades for Haida Gwaii's internet

In January 2016, construction will begin on a project aimed at significantly speeding up local Internet. Once completed, anywhere a connection by one of our partner ISPs is provisioned, it will be a 5/1, 99.9% SLO, as proven by an on-net speed test located at a TBD location on the mainland (i.e. GwaiiTel POP on Mt. Hays).

There are 3 key components of this project.

  1. A second diverse radio link to the mainland, that will include hot spares and automatic failover to increase capacity.
  2. The installation of an in-ground fibre backbone from Masset to Skidegate connecting GwaiiTel owned fibre to deliver services along Highway 16 to Queen Charlotte.
  3. The installation of DWDM equipment to light the fibre backbone