What Does GwaiiTel Do?

Our Vision: Connecting Haida Gwaii to the global community

Our Goal: To provide cost-effective, quality Internet access for the people of Haida Gwaii

Our Mandate: To facilitate the availability and delivery of affordable broadband Internet services to residential and commercial customers on Haida Gwaii. Through investment in the installation and operation of a broadband network infrastructure, and the aggregation of internet traffic to maximize purchasing power for connectivity to the public Internet.


How is GwaiiTel Run?


GwaiiTel members are assigned by local communities and act as the conduit between the councils and the Board of Directors. Membership is by parity: 50% Haida community representation and 50% civic community representation.

The members are responsible for the following activities:

  • Upholding the constitution and complying with the Bylaws.
  • Appointing the Board of Directors.
  • Setting the goals of GwaiiTel for the Board of Directors.
  • Approving the audit at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Approving new applicants for use of the system.
  • Supporting and furthering the purposes, aims and objectives of the society.

GwaiiTell Communities & Members

Old Masset Village Council - Councillor Ken Rea

Skidegate Band Council - Michelle Pineault

SQCRD for Electoral Area D - Area D Director, Mike Racz

SQCRD for Electoral Area E - Area E Director William Beldessi

Village of Masset - Mayor Andrew Merilees

Village of Port Clements - Mayor Utes Tomas

Village of Queen Charlotte - Councillor Joanne MacMullin

Council of the Haida Nation - President Peter Lantin & Trevor Russ


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and operation of the GwaiiTel network.  The board develops policies, procedures and plans in-line with the goals of GwaiiTel. It applies for grants and develops growth plans to execute on goals. It reports at an Annual General Meeting and communicates to its membership by reports, letters and updates. Directors, who are appointed by the members, elect its Chair.

Carol Kulesha (Chair)

Evan Putterrill

Judson Brown

Sam Hall 

Clyde Greenborough (Secretary/Treasurer)


General Manager - Terri Walker

Industry Advisor - Brian Lund

Contract Administration - Tina Hamlin